Lower Nicola Site Services Delivers Quality, Reliability & Safety

By partnering with LNSS, you get access to extensive expertise and experience with all types of heavy industrial construction services, maintenance, and equipment. LNSS is your expert in designing, planning, constructing, and managing construction projects. With years of industry expertise, you can rest assured you’re getting the best with LNSS.

LNSS Provides 360° Site Services

Whether you are just starting a new project, mid-construction, or in shut-down, Lower Nicola Site Services can support your team with more than 20 unique services. Our most popular are listed below. Call us to discuss your individual needs.

Stone Crushing

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Wood Logging

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Cattle Farming

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Dairy Farming

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Power Generation

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LNSS Provides 360° Site Services

Whether you are just starting a new project, mid-construction, or in shut-down, Lower Nicola Site Services can support your team with more than 20 unique services. Our most popular are listed below. Call us to discuss your individual needs.

Mass Excavation

You want to minimize the amount of earth moved for your project. LNSS has the experience and equipment to help you reach this goal.

ROW & Site Preparation, Construction and Clearing

Let us get your construction site prepared. LNSS will clear and grade, putting in place appropriate drainage and all necessary utilities.


Mulching is a cost-effective way to stabilize exposed soils and restore all areas disturbed during construction activities.

Road & Access Construction

Using advanced technology on every road project keeps the amount of cut and fill to a minimum, saving you valuable time and money.

Erosion Protection

To help control erosion, LNSS helps you prevent or reduce sediment moving from your site through a variety of methods like buffers.


Make sure your construction site doesn’t become a swamp. Getting the right drainage system is critical to control moisture for any foundation.

Concrete Foundations

You need LNSS’s expertise to form, pour, and refine your concrete jobs. You get concrete that meets your project’s exact specifications.

Reclamation & Remediation

Let LNSS get your site ready for construction of new pipes or transmission lines. Call LNSS if you need a site reclaimed after removing lines.

Construction Management

Partner with LNSS for the experience and advanced technology necessary to bring your project in on-time and on- and under-budget.

Equipment Rental

Rent any piece of construction equipment, and we will bring it to your site. You can even get an experienced operator if you need one.

R.O.W. Maintenance

If you need someone to maintain your ROW around your pipelines or transmission lines, call the LNSS experts in ROW maintenance..

Snow Removal

Whether you need commercial or industrial snow removal, call the experts with the right equipment to keep your site or facility accessible.


Manage your construction site’s fuel by partnering with LNSS for fueling service. You get the fuel you need, when you need it.

Facilities & Yard Maintenance

Keep your facilities and yard in usable condition by partnering with LNSS. We help you keep yards graded and cleared of waste and debris.

Road Maintenance

You need roads cleared, graded, and maintained over the course of your project so access roads are drivable for all kinds of equipment.

Rig Matting

Since all kinds of equipment will be driving on your site, you may need rig matts that offer stability and protection for your bigger equipment.

Water Management

When you need water for your site, especially in the summer months, call on LNSS’s fleet of water trucks. We can even provide potable water.

Waste Removal

Construction sites generate waste. Partner with LNSS to have your waste removed on a regular basis to keep your site clear and accessible.

Looking for a Reliable Site Service Company?

LNSS Delivers Expertise Our Customers Trust

LNSS has been able to deliver high quality every time we have used them. Not only are they well prepared to tackle our hardest situations, they have also saved our project schedules by being there when we need them. We fully recommend LNSS.

Our mining operations often require ROW construction, maintenance and management. LNSS is our go-to resource. Their highly conscious staff are always safe on the site and deliver exactly what we need with value in their services beyond other site service companies we’ve tried to work with.


LNSS’s main objective is to provide our clients with the services, equipment, and ideas that help them come in on schedule and on- or under-budget for every single project, regardless of scope. Our key is employing adaptable and innovative strategies in all phases of a construction project. We are a robust and effective organization able to deliver on our key operational priorities and other activities in a cost-effective manner.

Partnership with Infracon

Through a strategic partnership between Infracon, Canada’s leading civil earthworks contractor, and the Lower Nicola Indian Band Development Corporation (LNIBDC), LNSS was created to offer a full range of construction equipment, services, and other assets to all our customers. With a history of successful projects carried out by these two local entities, the partnership was a natural next step.

Infracon Construction has a fully dedicated estimating team, project management representatives, safety leadership, and business development discipline located in Merritt and Kamloops and will be available on a full-time basis for LNSS.  Management at Infracon Construction is committed to helping LNSS offer safe, economic, technically competent services while supporting local LNIBDC economic objectives.

Preserving the Lower Nicola Indian Band

LNSS prides itself on our partnership with the Lower Nicole Indian Band. Especially for construction projects in areas surrounding the Thompson and Nicola rivers in the southern interior of British Columbia, this working relationship provides LNIB members long-term and meaningful employment as well as a consistent revenue stream.

LNSS operates crushing services at Highland Valley Copper since June 2016. We have two shifts working there: each 4-person shift has 3 Lower Nicola Band members on the team. In other words, 75% of our workers on both shifts are Lower Nicola Band members. This is the kind of continuity and relationship we can bring to your construction project.

Together, LNSS and Infracon will partner with representatives of the LNIBDC or from LNIB with the intent of providing training and skills development for band representatives. The combined LNSS / Infracon Construction team will focus on maximizing local content, deploying the equipment and resources currently established by LNIB and reporting to the Lower Nicola Indian Band Development Corporation (LNIBDC) a detailed scorecard on transition, financial and operational metrics over time.


Our commitment to safety reaches all corners of the Company. Safety is our top priority in ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, workers, contractors and visitors as referenced in our Leadership and Responsibilities section of our Health and Safety Manual. We will not compromise the health and safety of our people and all employees share in our goal of zero incidents. We believe in a healthy work/life balance.

LNSS is committed to safety across all measures of our business, and we have created a fully comprehensive safety program based on WorkSafeBC safety standards to meet or exceed safety requirements in all areas.

Part of that focus includes training and educating our employees so that they can work in the safest, most productive manner possible. Each employee is trained in detail about safe work practices and how his or her role adds to our safety culture. We provide them with explicit knowledge of how to handle and manage safety instances in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

We understand that having a strong and effective safety program that is supported by managers will have a positive effect on personal values within our organization. Strong and evident management commitment and safety leadership are vital to this process.

We understand that improved safety equals improved quality and production management systems, and that there is a direct link between organizational management and communication, participation, transparency, and employee empowerment.

Workers are informed of their right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work, know about the hazards in their workplace, and participate in safety matters as part of our safety orientation.

Our communication enables our employees to acquire insight into our safety program expectations and requirements, to receive feedback, to provide input into the program, and to participate in it.

Communications include:

  • Safety Culture
  • Business and departmental meetings
  • Safety meetings
  • Daily Tailgate meetings
  • JOHSC meetings
  • Safety themes
  • Safety alerts
  • Accident statistics
  • Notice boards and posters
  • Personal communication – key point tipping; job performance coaching; planned personal contacts;
  • Safety Recognition Programs that improve job satisfaction and job pride; good performance is an expectation of the work requirements and is the norm, not the exception.

Our employees know their assigned responsibilities; have the required skills and abilities to perform them; and are motivated to act on them in a manner consistent with goals of program and safety culture.  Employee participation in making changes to or suggestions for safety processes allows them to have ownership of the program, to feel empowered and involved.  This improves morale and attitude.  Continuous training increases knowledge and buy-in.

All safety issues and incidents are discussed and reviewed at all levels.  Our Safety Committee is a great employee resource for discussing and resolving health and safety issues and developing a team approach to workplace health and safety.   It is understood that safety issues will be assessed with the contribution and input of employees, supervisors, and senior managers.

Employee safety is our most important priority. We want to make sure that every person who steps on our job sites—whether employee, contractor, or inspector—can safely go about their business with minimal risk.

To achieve this level of security, we’ve instituted several initiatives, a few of which are:

  • A full-time safety staff member is charged with ensuring that all safety standards are readily apparent and understood. They work closely with crew members to make sure safety measures are easily seen, continuously reinforced, and appropriately encouraged.
  • To demonstrate safety as a workplace culture, senior management leads a Safety Day on an annual basis for all employees that focuses on our dedicated Health and Safety Program and how it relates to WorkSafeBC standards.

On-going Training

Ongoing training is continuously provided to workers and supervisors – examples of ongoing training include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Safety Officer
  • Supervisor training
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Due Diligence for Employers
  • Management Accountability
  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee

LNSS is member of the following safety associations:



Contact us to find out how LNSS can save your construction, mining, or pipeline project time, expenses and labour resources.

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Looking for a Career with LNSS?
Explore the current job opportunities listed below and follow Infracon on LinkedIn, Facebook or Youtube.

Career Opportunities Available

LNSS is regularly on the lookout for proficient professionals and tradespeople of all skill levels and experience to join our team. We seek individuals possessing strong leadership qualities, high initiative, exceptional technical abilities, and strong communication, and interpersonal skills.

We frequently seek qualified candidates in the following functional areas:

Pipeline Operations:

  • Pipeline maintenance personnel including labourers, heavy equipment operators, and NACE technicians.
  • Site Safety: safety advisors, first aid attendants, medics.

Pipeline integrity means ensuring a pipeline and all its related components are running properly and most important keeping the pipeline safe for life. It is critical that all Pipeline Operations applicants have valid First Aid Level 1, H2S Alive, and Ground Disturbance Level 2 (classroom training mandatory).

Operations Support:

  • Cost Controls & Accounting: accounting and financial analysts.

OMH’s success comes from having positive, highly motivated, and engaged employees- We offer training programs and support continued education to help our people learn new skills and develop their abilities in order to advance within and outside the company. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion- all qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.

Submit a resume and copies of training certificates using the resume submission form.

Resumes are maintained in our files for one year and your qualifications will be considered for any future openings.

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